Business Tax Services

Business tax compliance can be complicated and cumbersome. Every year, tax laws go into and out of effect, often overlooked, leaving business nationwide with tax bills and subsequent penalties that can threaten any cash flow situation.

Luxenberg and Associates takes great pride in standing as a resource for our business tax clients to lean on. As tax laws and codes change, we adjust our approaches and practices to create simple and intuitive solutions for our business clients and their specific tax situations. Our two pronged approach involves not only solving the business’ tax needs, but also taking the business owner and their tax situation into account as well. Through utilization of pass through credits, minimization of payroll taxes, and the implementation of retirement plans, we attack all angles of the business  to ensure the tax liability is reduced to a minimum.

In every situation, long term planning needs to account for long term changes in tax policy. With this in mind, Luxenberg and Associates understands that what is good for today is not necessarily going to be good for tomorrow. Our flexibility in navigating the ever-changing tax code and financial climate ensures that your business will always be taking the most effective approach to maximize your cash flow and reduce your tax liability.

Our business tax services include the following:

         – Corporate/Partnership Tax Return Preparation
         – Payroll Tax Preparation
         – 1099 and W-2 Preparation





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