Business Accounting Services

Every business is unique, but all businesses require a detail to attention when confronted by financial accounting issues and requirements. Luxenberg and Associates is here to help when a financial statement is required by a bank, a valuation is needed for the dissolution of a partnership, or a simple decision such as financing a piece of equipment needs to be made. We have the expertise, experience, and know how to give you the advice you are looking for when making these types of business decisions.

It is imperative to partner with a firm that can guide you in a financially sound direction as you navigate your business. Our firm is dedicated to our business clients’ needs and is simply a phone call or email away at all times. We are believers in the notion that small decisions can have large impacts on the health and success of a business as well as the employees, owners, and overall culture and mood that exists within the walls. We are here to help and constantly encourage our business clients to reach out to us and ask before making financial business decisions that can have long-lasting repercussions.

When everything is said and done, remember. . . we are a small business just like you. We are always here to help.

Our business accounting services include the following:

         – Compilation/Review Financial Statements
         – Bookkeeping Assistance and Quickbooks Training
         – Cash Flow Projections
         - Consulting and Offsite Controller Services








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