The philosophy behind our firm

Our mission is to provide solid, reliable and comprehensive accounting and tax services.

Luxenberg and Associates is a family practice that works with our clients to achieve superior financial results by way of  thorough tax planning and financial preparation year-round.

Having the ability to lean on your accounting firm before making large financial decisions is a must. We are here to exceed your expectations when you call on us for financial guidance.


Meet the Team

Why Choose Us


We are Flexible.

Specializing in accounting services for small business, we know how to offer our services around your busy schedule.


We are Accessible.

When you have a question, you need it answered. That’s why we are on top of emails and phone messages assuring that you will have an answer in a timely manner.


We are Fair.

Many firms bill for the phone call and by the hour, but that’s simply not how we do business. We quote services up front and look to provide exceptional value for our fees.